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Share And Follow WordPress Plugin took over my Descriptions

I just did a quick google vanity search on my website cmsmind.com to see how my site was doing.  To my surprise I found all my posts descriptions to be hijacked by a WordPress plugin I recently installed.   The plugin is the “Share and Follow”.

This is what the search engine showed when I googled it:

Joomla 1.6 Beez 20 Template – Where is the header image

Jan 31, 2011 Elaine@cmsmind.com. facebook Recommend on Facebook · stumble Share with Stumblers · twitter Tweet about it; Bookmark in Browser; email

My website was a taking a big hit on SEO ranking and obviously users and Google will not like to see that in a link description.  I quickly uninstalled the “Share and Follow” plugin.  I guess there is no way around it.   I will have to add in the social networking buttons separately and manually.



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