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Show NewsFeeds on Frontpage Joomla

If you created newsfeeds and want to display them on your frontpage it’s simple with modules to display them in the various positions around the main body of the front page.  The key is to putting newsfeed data in the mainbody area of the front page.   How to do this?

  1. Log into your Joomla Administration Panel
  2. Click on Menus, Main Menu
  3. Click on Home – or the menu item that has a yellow star beside it
  4. Under Main Menu Type – click on Change Type
  5. From the list of options – select News Feeds
  6. Next screen, under Parameters (Basic), select the News feed you wish to display in the main body.
  7. Save your menu and you’re done!

Easy peasey right? Just make sure you have feeds saved first before you create the menu item.

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