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Show Selected Categories on Navigation – Category Expander

I’m not too sure how I came across this new free plugin that I installed, but it’s the best thing ever!  On my left navigation, I have a section called ‘Best Themes’ which were all pages and populated by specifying in the page which category they belonged to.  Basically I was populating a category into a page.  Needless to say, it was slow.  As my categories got bigger, my pages took longer to load and became unruly, unreadable and unnavigable.  Pretty soon, I was eliminating some posts from categories because I didn’t want to overload the page.  For example, the ‘Best Responsive Themes’ was even timing out.  So I started removing some posts from that category.  I knew this was not sustainable, so that’s how I came across this new plugin I installed.  It’s called the ‘Category Expander’.

I eliminated the whole Page Associator and now use Category Expander.  It allows me to select categories I want to display in a widget.  It’s very light weight, easy to install and even has a little admin panel for me to select the categories I want.  The available categories are populated as you create new categories for your posts.

Category Expander WordPress Theme Plugin

Category Expander Wordpress Theme Plugin

There was one issue I found.  When the widget displayed on my left navigation, below all my selected categories I wanted to show, there was a link to ‘see all’ categories – ie the ones I didn’t select.

Category Expander WordPress Plugin See all link

Category Expander WordPress plugin See all link

So I edited the Category Expander Plugin php file in the Plugins Editor and removed the ‘see all’ category link.  You can see the end result on the left nav.  No link to expand the rest of the categories I didn’t select. I deleted the highlighted line out of the plugin text (take a backup before you make any changes to the plugin).

Category Expander WordPress Plugin Remove See all link

Category Expander WordPress plugin Remove See all link

So it looks like below:

Category Expander WordPress Plugin Removed See all link in editor

Category Expander Wordpress Plugin Removed See all link in editor

It’s a great plugin so far.  My pages load much faster and I’m very happy with it.



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