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How to make a site like YouTube.com Using WordPress

I don’t really have a preference in using Wordpress or Joomla.  If you have tons of videos you want to upload and maintain it will probably be best to use Joomla.  If you wish to keep a video blogging site, Wordpress is the perfect solution.   If you want your video blogging site to also look like YouTube this is easy as well with the powers of WordPress.    Here I will list some templates that are perfect for your needs.  Your site will look like YouTube in no time and probably even better.

1.  Modularity by GraphPaperPress.com

Modularity is a clean Wordpress template geared towards photographers and videographers.  This Wordpress template design prefer a minimal layout,  you can display your videos or any multimedia front and center.   Click here for a demo.

2.  High-Def by GraphPaperPress.com

High-Def WordPress template is a clean wordpress design by GraphPaperPress.com.  There is a top slider to showcase all your videos at the top of the page as well as a featured video or multimedia slider on the front page.    Click here to demo the High-Def WordPress YouTube like template.

3.  Object by WooThemes.com

Object is a super flexible Wordpress Theme designed by WooThemes to publish your videos perfectly.  The layout looks exactly like youtube.   Making a video blogging site is easy just simply paste the embed code in the post embed field.  Click here to demo the Object wordpress by WooThemes youtube like template.

4.  WooTube by WooThemes.com

WooTube is a premium wordpress template by WooThemes.  This video multimedia blogging wordpress template makes it super easy to create video posts.  This YouTube like template also automatically resizes videos and publishes the embed code for your readers.  Click here to see a demo of WooTube.

5.  eVid by ElegantThemes.com

Make your site look like youtube with this eVid WordPress template.  You can add flash videos from youtube to your posts.   Each video is embedded into a unique javascript-power interface which allows your readers to use social bookmarking to your videos, video rating, video sharing, video linking, and more.   eVid ElegantTheme template is perfect for sites that plan to showcase videos within their post pages.  Click here to see a demo of eVid.

6.  Tubular by StudioPress.com

The Tubular Wordpress Theme by Studiopress presents a template that allows your site to look like youtube or a video blogging site.  It’s fully compatible with WordPress 3.0.  There is a feature video on the Frontpage, plus additional video posts below.   Videos are easy to add and the site is fully customizable.  Click here for a demo of the template.

7.  Video by Templatic.com

Video by Templatic.com is a free wordpress theme designed to transform your website into a site like youtube.com or any video blogging site.  This template has a rotating image for featured videos, popular videos, video highlights from an unlimited number of video categories.  Users can rate the videos, share the videos on their favourite social networking site, and write comments on the videos.    Video by Templatic is a great multimedia themed template.  Click here for a demo of this video blogging template.

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