I must shamefully confess that I totally brought down my Wordpress website last week.   It was inaccessible for about 10 minutes while I frantically tried to restore my website.  Do you know what the culprit was?  It was the .htaccess file that I was trying to learn and play around with.    Since then I’ve restored […]

Joomla Htaccess File With Less Comments

by Elaine on October 30, 2009

## Here is the Joomla htaccess File With Less Comments # ## # @version $Id: htaccess.txt 4756 2006-08-25 16:07:11Z stingrey $ # @package Joomla # @copyright Copyright (C) 2005 Open Source Matters. All rights reserved. # @license GNU/GPL # Joomla! is Free Software ## ## Can be commented out if causes errors, see notes […]

Joomla Htaccess File

by Elaine October 30, 2009

The htaccess file is an important part of the Joomla configuration.  It’s main purpose is to help transform Joomla URL’s from a cryptic link with symbols and numbers to a more readable, search engine friendly and optimized URL. For Joomla to be able to convert the URL’s to SEO friendly it requires some changes to […]

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