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WordPress plugin on How to Allow Users to Flag and Report Inapproriate Comments in your Wordpress website.  This concept is similar to flagging inappropriate videos in YouTube, flagging inapproriate comments in Facebook, or flagging inapproriate images in instagram.  You can easily allow your users to flag inappropriate comments in your Wordpress website with a free […]

I’m not too sure how I came across this new free plugin that I installed, but it’s the best thing ever!  On my left navigation, I have a section called ‘Best Themes’ which were all pages and populated by specifying in the page which category they belonged to.  Basically I was populating a category into […]

WordPress Tutorial – How to Add Twitter Feeds to your WordPress Website

by Elaine July 22, 2013

I recently created a new website called ‘Saving Money’ which you can find at www.saveu.ca.  It’s mostly for saving money on groceries.  I decided on the weekend to create a Twitter account for it and it’s really the first time I’ve really used Twitter myself so you have to bare with the first few twitter […]

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How to Create an XML Sitemap in WordPress

by Elaine April 16, 2013
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An XML Sitemap is a page of links that lets search engines know of all the pages available on your website.  It’s the only way your content can be indexed and allow search engines such as Google or Yahoo to crawl through your site more easily.  You do not create these sitemaps manually.  I use […]

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Add Linkedin Share Button to your WordPress Posts

by Elaine April 12, 2013

That was cool.  I just added a Linkedin button to the bottom of my posts.  When I clicked on the Linkedin Share button it brought me to my Linkedin page to submit a link and image to my post on my Linkedin page.   It took me less than 5 minutes to get it setup. […]

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How to Add NoFollow to All External Links in WordPress

by Elaine March 27, 2013

If you are paranoid like me about adding nofollow to your external links on your site, then this is the perfect free WordPress plugin.  You can automatically add NoFollow to all external links in your Wordpress website.  Adding rel = NoFollow to the link will not pass any link juice to the site you are […]

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How to Add a Favicon to your WordPress Website

by Elaine March 5, 2013

A Favicon is the small image that is displayed next to the URL in your browser.  Favicons do not help in search engine rankings but help in establishing an identity for your site.  If you have a unique favicon, users can identify your site with your favicon.  This Wordpress Tutorial will help you add a […]

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WordPress Captcha Plugin

by Elaine December 20, 2012

Which Wordpress Captcha do you use?  I’ve been switching around using different Captchas because I just can’t find one that works for me.  I’ve probably switched 3 to 4 times already I’ve lost count.  I thought the last Captcha was pretty good because it was doing math calculations but eventually I started getting more and […]

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Free WordPress Plugin – Help Manage WordPress Tags – Xili-Tidy-Tags

by Elaine April 13, 2012

Wordpress Plugins – I was finding that my Wordpress tags were getting out of hand and taking up the majority of the left navigation.  The built-in WordPress tag plugin – widget does not allow me to limit the number of tags to display so I went searching for a plugin that would do the job […]

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WordPress Review Themes perfect to create Rating Reviews Website 2012

by Elaine April 11, 2012

Wordpress Review Themes and Wordpress Review plugins are a great way to allow users to leave comments and reviews on your website.  Allowing users to leave reviews is also a great way to engage your visitors.  You can great a review website for restaurants, a review website for games, review website for movies, review website […]

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WordPress Plugin – Boost Traffic by Automatically Adding SEO to your Images

by Elaine February 25, 2012

WordPress plugin – In followup to my previous post about the importance of adding alt and title descriptions to your IMG tags, I found a WordPress plugin that will automatically add them to your images.  This is for the lazy people who always forget to add these texts to their images.  Although this is a […]

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WordPress Plugin – How to Add Custom Sidebars to Posts or Pages

by Elaine February 23, 2012

I was recently looking how to add custom sidebars to my posts and pages and found a WordPress plugin that suited my needs.  This is a free WordPress plugin that is available in the Wordpress Extends Directory and is called “Graceful Sidebar Plugin’.  This is great because I can easily customize my sidebars and add […]

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