WordPress plugin on How to Allow Users to Flag and Report Inapproriate Comments in your Wordpress website.  This concept is similar to flagging inappropriate videos in YouTube, flagging inapproriate comments in Facebook, or flagging inapproriate images in instagram.  You can easily allow your users to flag inappropriate comments in your Wordpress website with a free […]

10 Things To Do After You Install WordPress

by Elaine on October 23, 2013

After you install Wordpress on your website, there will be some Sample Data that you don’t want to show up on your site.  I usually delete all this Sample Data, delete plugins that were installed with the basic installation, change my display name, and change Permalinks. This is a tutorial on what to do right […]

Improve your Leverage browser caching in WordPress to Increase Page Speed

by Elaine October 20, 2013
Thumbnail image for Improve your Leverage browser caching in WordPress to Increase Page Speed

Today I ran the Google PageSpeed test to test my site speed.  The site speed was ok, around 80/100, not bad but not that great.  One of the items on the list was to improve the browser caching.  I thought my super cache would be doing all that, but apparently it doesn’t.  So I Google’d […]

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Create a Classified Ads Website with WordPress Theme – ClassiPress 3.3.1

by Elaine October 16, 2013
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Classipress is a Classified Ads Wordpress Theme designed to help you create a website like Craigslist, Kijiji or OLX.  This is the most popular Classified Ads theme which is feature rich, built for ease and designed to the last detail focusing on overall user experience.  Classipress 3.3.1 has tons of New Features and is up […]

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Show Selected Categories on Navigation – Category Expander

by Elaine October 7, 2013

I’m not too sure how I came across this new free plugin that I installed, but it’s the best thing ever!  On my left navigation, I have a section called ‘Best Themes’ which were all pages and populated by specifying in the page which category they belonged to.  Basically I was populating a category into […]

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Part 3. Pick an Ecommerce Template for your Online Store

by Elaine September 19, 2013

I’m creating a new eCommerce Online Store and I chose Wordpress as my platform.  In my previous steps, I’ve already picked my domain name (in Part 1) and configured my webhosting and domain name registrar to point to each other.  My website is also installed with Wordpress with Dreamhost’s one click installs (shown in Part […]

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Part 2. Configure Dreamhost and Add the Name Servers to Godaddy for Ecommerce Website

by Elaine September 18, 2013

I’m creating a new eCommerce Website with Wordpress and Worpress Themes, I just finished purchasing a Domain name from Godaddy and already have an existing webhosting account with Dreamhost.  You can see my Part 1 here.  My next steps are to: Tell Dreamhost that I have a new domain name I want to add Tell Godaddy […]

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How to Create Adsense Shortcode in WordPress

by Elaine July 19, 2013

I decided a few days ago, that I didn’t like how the Adsense plugins worked.  They never put the Adsense ads where I wanted them to show up and I wanted more power and control over it.  I didn’t want to always be wary of upgrading the plugin as well and if they put some […]

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Thesis 2.0 is too confusing!

by Elaine June 21, 2013

I don’t understand why DIYThemes changed Thesis 2.0 so much.  I can’t make heads or tails of how to configure a new Thesis website anymore.  The basics are fine, like how to change the footer or change links, but any further than that, it’s all too confusing.  You need to have HTML knowledge now to […]

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Thesis 2.0 Tutorial – How to Customize your Thesis 2.0 Footer on HomePage

by Elaine June 20, 2013

Thesis 2.0 Tutorial on how to change your footer on your homepage.  When you install Thesis 2.0, by default it has a link to WP Admin and to the Thesis homepage.  You can easily remove these existing links and add your own text.  I want to add my own footer text.  Below I will show […]

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Thesis 2.0 Tutorial – How to Change your Affiliate Link on Home Page

by Elaine June 20, 2013

When you install Thesis 2.0, there is a link that says “This site rocks the Thesis Framework from DIYthemes.”  You can change the destination of this link to your affiliate link in the Thesis admin panel.  Below are steps to show you how to insert your affiliate link into your Home Page site. Overview of How to […]

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Thesis 2.0 Tutorial – How to Remove the WP-Admin Link on Homepage

by Elaine June 20, 2013

Thesis 2.0 Tutorial on How to Remove the Wp-Admin link at the bottom of your website.  After you installed the Thesis 2.0, you will notice the Wp-Admin link in the footer portion of your site.  You can easily remove this link with the Thesis admin manager.  The admin panel has become all drag and drop […]

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