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RocketThemes Template specifications

If you are using Rocketthemes templates they are quite complicated but very versatile and powerful if you know how to use it.  There are a couple Rockettheme characteristics to understand before you can really make use of it’s powerful template features.

1.  Module Positions

How you can display your content to the users.  The more module positions, the more easily you can display information anywhere on the page.  Highly customizable.  I think the only downside to using all the module positions is the Page speed.

2.  Module Variations

Usually RocketThemes will have more than 10 different module variations but what does that mean to you?  The template comes with modules and shows them in it’s default colors.    Using module suffixes they indicate you can change the module colors or formatting.  You change or add the module suffixes in the Module Manager.

3.  Preset Styles

The great thing about RocketThemes templates is that they always provide you with preset styles.  You can use the same theme but different color combinations.  The colors are already loaded into the template and all you have to do is go to the Template Manager and edit the template settings.  From there you can use style 1, style 2, style 3, etc.  You can also see previews of the styles thru the template demo. 

4.  Typography

RocketTheme templates comes with typography. The Typography changes article layout.   You can change the bullet style, drop cap styles, and inset styles. 

As RocketThemes becomes more mature, there is more functionality.  All these RocketTheme customizations are only available on RocketTheme templates.  If you try it on other templates they won’t work.

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