The Importance of Maximizing SEO with your Images

Is it important to Search Engine your posts but it is equally important to SEO your images. Images are everywhere and the best kept secret to bringing traffic to your site. Since search engines cannot read jpg files very well, it relies on the attributes you assign to it when adding it to your post.  Image elements also adds to the overall SEO of your post and allows search engines to classify your page correctly.

Here is a short video by Matt Cutts, the Senior Google Engineer talking about the important of adding elements within your image tags.


In this video, Matt talks about the importance of adding an ALT element to your <IMG> tags.  For example, if you have a picture:

FileName = dsc00101.jpg

The human eye can tell that this is a cat wearing a rainbow mohawk hat, but search engines cannot decipher that.  It can only read the file name you provided it, which is dsc00101.  This filename is not descriptive at all and search engines will not pick up any useful information.

Why should you SEO Images?

If you go to Google images right now and search for any image.   You will find tons of images.  If you select an image it will display it, but after you close the image, it will bring you directly to the website from where the image came from.  This is free traffic to your website and you should harness the power of your pictures.

How to SEO your images?

There are 4 important elements of your images which you should fill in when adding images to your site:

  • Title = Title of your image
  • Alt Text (Alternative Text) = This text will display if your website cannot display the image
  • Caption = This text is displayed under your image
  • File Name = Try to save your image under a descriptive file name, not just dsc0101023.jpg
Title, ALT and Caption information for Images to Maximize SEO
Title, ALT and Caption information for Images to Maximize SEO

 After Adding Descriptive Text to Images

After adding descriptive texts to your image file, search engines now understand what this image is.  Google will visit your site and see that this image is a “Cat with a rainbow mohawk hat” and not just dsc00101.jpg.

If you look at the code you will see:

<img title=”Funny Cat with Rainbow Mohawk Hat” src=”http://www.cmsmind.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/images-150×150.jpg” alt=”Cat with Rainbow Mohawk Hat” width=”150″ height=”150″ />

The title=, alt= is important information to the search engines.

I’ve recently started consciously adding descriptive ALT and TITLE elements to all my IMG tags.  Every little bit of SEO juice helps, and adding this information to images is so easy.

Hope this helps you,


  1. uday

    Using dash in naming is better than the underscore because it allows all words used in the name to be ranked by search engines.
    For example, if you name your image saina-enters-in-semis.jpg, it will be ranked for Saina, Enters, semis of those words.
    If you were to name it saina_enters_in_semis.jpg, it will only be ranked for “saina enters in semis”

  2. uday

    Thanks for great article.

    Since images are never read by search engines, it is always a wise idea to put alt over for them.You can provide alt tags to your website’s images with their relevant names which will help not only understand the users but also enable search engines to index them.

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