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I’ve been with Joomla since the beginning and played with most of the Joomla Extensions out there either for commercial or business use.  I’ve installed the Components, modules, and plugins and deleted the ones that didn’t work.  If you are new to Joomla sifting through all the Extensions available is a little overwhelming, you will find many Components and modules that will suit your needs, but which one is the best?    There are some Components out there that have tons of bugs in them and definitely not worth your time.  Meanwhile, others are very well developed and are gems to the Joomla world.  These Joomla Extensions are always part of my installations and I definitely could not live without them.    Below is a list of Joomla Extensions that I recommend you install on your Joomla website.  By the way, these Joomla Extensions are all free.

1.  eXtplorer – This free extension is a tool to manage files within Joomla.  It is equivalent to the file manager you have in the cpanel of your hosting or an FTP client directly on your Joomla admin panel.  It’s easy to use with drag and drop feature, a directory tree and desktop application like interface.  You can also edit and modify files on the spot without the need to download it to your local hard drive and uploading it again.   Click here to download this extension.

2.  Akeeba Backup – This free Joomla component is essential for your website.   This component follows me wherever I go.    As the title describes, the Akeeba Backup creates a site backup that can be restored on any Joomla!-capable server.    The backup file it creates is a single archive file which contains all the files, a database snapshot and an installer similar to the standard Joomla installer.   The backup and  restore process is AJAX powered to avoid server timeouts.   The component can make a backup of only your database, or only your files.     This is one of the most reliable backup and restore Joomla extensions out there.   It is also Joomla 1.5 and 1.6 compatible.  Click here to download this extension.

3.  FJ Related – As I’m sure you know already, Joomla does not offer capability to assign articles to mulitple categories.  With this powerful component your problems are solved!! This is an amazing free component that is the first thing I install when I have a new Joomla installation.   It is easy to install and now you can easily assign articles across multiple categories and subcategories.   Click here to download this component.

4.  sh404SEF – Joomla urls are ugly.  They include all these =?- and other weird characters that are just not search engine friendly.  Especially Joomla components that you download, URL’s turn ugly when you make them links on your website.  These ugly links are not SEF and does not help with your SEO ranking on Google.   SO, this extension is just the thing you need to help revitalize your website.  This extension converts all your messy URL’s to search engine friendly links.  You can also track your website performance with google analytics that is incorporated into this component.  Click here to download this component.

5.  GTranslate – I got a lot of visits to my Joomla websites, but I noticed that the bounce rate was really high from Google Analytics.  I investigated and part of the reason was because most of the visits were from other countries.  People from India, France, China, Japan, or Europe would be visiting my sites and couldn’t read the content.  After installing this Joomla Plugin it transformed my site into a international website.  It’s easy to install and has over 59 different languages to drop down from.  It instantly translates my pages into whatever language the user needs.    Click here to download this plugin.

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  1. Alex

    I try Gtranslate, and it’s great
    But there’s no any Photo Gallery component in your review
    I can offer “1 Flash Gallery” – http://1extension.com

    There’s many pretty skins, include Flipping Book skin, with page flip effect

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