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Using the FJ Related Articles Plus Module

This is a continuation of the article about the Joomla to show multiple categories.    At first I thought this module was an independent source that I could use the module to search for any article on the site in any category or section and display articles depending on the keywords I specify in the module settings.  But this is not true.   

The FJ Related Articles Plus module looks at the current article viewed and looks for any articles in categories or sections you specify.  It allows you to exclude certain keywords, but does not allow you to enter the keywords you want to search for.  This is kind of useless to me, since I would have to go thru all the keywords I used in my site (which is tons) and exlude them all.

So while this may be a great component for some, it doesn’t really work for my purposes.  I also do not want to continuously update this module with keywords to exlude as I add more content to the site with newer keywords.    I’ve sent a request to the FJ Related component developer and requested an enhancement to be done.

The Joomla FJ Related Articles Plus Module should allow me to search all articles in any section or category and display only the articles based on keywords I specify.  This would be a very powerful Joomla module sidekick to the already amazing FJ Related Component.

  1. Stephen A

    Couldn’t you do what you want by making a dummy article with just one keyword in it and the module. It should return all matches for tat keyword, right? Call the article “Search by Keyword”

    1. [Blocked by CFC] Enzolina

      Yeah the FJ related article Component does that but the FJ Related Article plus module doesn’t allow you to select an intro article or input any keywords into the module. The only keywords you can enter are keywords that you want excluded or to not match.

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