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What are module positions?

The main purpose of a Joomla module is to alternate how you view content on a site.  So once you install a module you want to display it on your site somehow.  So when you go to the Module Manager how, do you know what module position to use? There are so many module positions available, is there a map or fixed position that is assigned to this location or is it just a guessing game?

The answer is, it depends on the template you are using.  Templates control where the module positions are and if you installed a template designed by a good template designer they would have included a picture of where each module position is.  Module positions are not always the same and there can be 4 – 100 positions available to you depending on how complicated or versatile the template designer wants the template to be. 

An example of a very easy Joomla template would be your default Rhuk Milkyway template.   You can easily see the module positions by adding   ?tp=1   at the end of your site url ie: http://www.yoursiteurl.com?tp=1.

An example of a very complicated template design would be RocketTheme’s Quantitative Apr 2010 68 different Module Positions.  Take a demo of this complicated template –


And here are the Quantitative module positions.  If the module positions don’t exist the template designer can always create new ones.   You can place any type of module in any of these positions. 

  1. Vince

    What would be the equivalent of modules in WP?Is there a name for it? Is there a way to check using a command similar to ?tp=1 ??

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