Why You Should Show Dates on Your WordPress Posts

I first started this Wordpress blog back in 2008.  I went to great lengths to remove dates on my Wordpress posts so people visiting would not be able to see how old my posts were.  I wanted my posts to be timeless and for visitors to believe that my posts were always relevant to current Joomla and WordPress issues.  When I created Joomla Tutorials I also didn’t put what version of Joomla I was writing a tutorials for, which was also a big mistake.  After a while, people kept on visiting and Joomla versions kept on getting higher.  Visitors couldn’t tell what version of Joomla the tutorial was for and there were no dates to give them a reference.  People visiting were eventually very confused and were emailing me that tutorials I created were not working for them.   From then on, I always make a conscious decision to always include the version of Joomla I’m creating a tutorial for and of course the dates are now visible on each post.

I think it’s important for visitors to see the dates of your posts to see if posts are relevant to the current cms environment.  Over time, things change and with CMS, it is constantly evolving.  Older tutorials or tips may not be relevant and dates on the posts provide great help to prevent visitors from wasting their time.  No one wants to read blog posts to fix something that was meant for an older version.

So in conclusion, please keep the dates on your WordPress posts!!!!!



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