WordPress 3.3 Mobile Post Creation

In my previous post about Wordpress 3.3, I mentioned that the new admin interface was much better than before.  I still agree that the graphical interface of the admin panel is favourable over an HTML view of the new post except now there are other problems.  Most annoying thing is that it takes me 10x longer to create a post.

A few things to that bothered me when creating a post using my iPhone:

  1. Took me about 1 hour to create the last post.
  2. The graphical interface was too slow.
  3. Refresh is too slow.
  4. Would hang.
  5. Sometimes the iPhone would not switch views from landscape to portrait.
  6. Deleting lines in an ordered list made the lines jump around, causing me to rewrite sentences.

Things I did like about the new admin using my iPhone:

  1. I could quickly do formatting without typing HTML codes
  2. Create links easily without writing HTML codes
  3. Select multiple categories easily

But overall the disadvantages far exceed the benefits of creating a post with my iPhone.  I would not attempt to create a super long post again in the future with my iPhone.

Have you had the same problems?  Or is it just me? Drop me a line and let me know.



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