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WordPress – Add Yelp to your Website

If you have an existing Wordpress website that blogs about restaurants or events in the area, you can add Yelp ratings and reviews to your post. I found a WordPress plugin that can help you add the most up to date ratings and number of reviews of any cafe or restaurant by using the Yelp-it plugin.

The hardest part of installing this Yelp plugin is acquiring a Yelp developer API ID. You can get your Yelp developer ID straight from the Yelp website here.

This plugin installs a shortcode. You can set a search term and location and it will return the first business result it finds from Yelp. You can choose to display one result or multiple businesses from your search criteria. Alternatively, you can set the method to “business” and enter the Yelp id for that business to only get that business.

This is a great alternative if you don’t want to create a full on website like Yelp, but to add the ratings and number of reviews to your website to add some credibility to your restaurant and cafe reviews.

Check out more details about the Yelp-it plugin here from the Wordpress extend directory.

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