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Which Wordpress Captcha do you use?  I’ve been switching around using different Captchas because I just can’t find one that works for me.  I’ve probably switched 3 to 4 times already I’ve lost count.  I thought the last Captcha was pretty good because it was doing math calculations but eventually I started getting more and more spam messages.  Pretty soon I was leaving my website for 2 days and I would come back to about 60 spam messages in my pending comments box.  I got tired of deleting them so I needed to switch to another captcha WordPress plugin.

So far I’ve Tried:

1.  Captcha – The one with math questions like 7 * eight = ___.   I liked that plugin because I could implement the captcha on registration, login, and comments.  The math questions were good, I needed to touch up on my math skills without using a calculator.  But after a while the spam just kept on piling up.  I had to give this one up.   I uninstalled Capcha.  Screenshot of Captcha at work:

Wordpress Plugin-Captcha
WordPress plugin-Captcha

2.  Invisible Captcha – This Captcha WordPress plugin claims that it is a smart invisible captcha for Wordpress comments.  Visitors don’t have to enter any letters or numbers and it automatically 100% protects my website from spam.   I tried it for a day and was happy that I wasn’t getting any spam messages but I was a little skeptical.  Was it because people couldn’t leave any comments or was it really blocking spam??  So I tested it out and it said something about turning on Javascript on my browser and it was already activated.  So I don’t think it is reading my browser correctly and people were not able to leave a comments.  I uninstalled this Captcha Wordpress Plugin.

3.  Blue Captcha – This is the captcha I have right now.  I’m afraid that if I say this, people are going to find how out to hack into this Captcha and I’m going to pile up on spam comments again.  But anyways, I’ll say this Captcha has been working like a charm for a few days now.  I’ve received some legit comments and no spam yet.  Cross my fingers.  You can customize the background, change the fonts, change the case, change to all numbers, change to all letters, customize where you want the captcha to show up, customize the difficulty level of the captcha and more.  So far I’m loving this WordPress Captcha Plugin.    Screenshot of Blue Captcha at work:

Blue Captcha WordPress Plugin
Blue Captcha WordPress Plugin

Leave a comment and let me know which Captcha plugin you are using? Is it working for you?



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