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WordPress + Classipress = Craigslist (Classified Ads Website)

Classipress Wordpress template will help you build a Craigslist website.  There is no doubt there are other classified Wordpress themes out there that will pretend to do the same job, but Classipress has all the features you need to create a fully functional website with tons of features and flexibility – basically everything you need in a classified site.

Here are the top 10 reasons why Classipress Wordpress theme is one of the top templates used to build a Classified Ads website just like Craigslist or a site like Kijiji.

Classipress Classified Ads Wordpress Theme
Wordpress Theme to Build Your Own: 

1.  Classipress is SEO friendly.   Classipress is search engine friendly and google loves it.  Add classified ads to your site and the content will be indexed quickly by google.   You can concentrate on building up your site instead of trying to win traffic.

2. Classipress has Customer Ad Management.  People who add postings to your classified website can manage their own postings.  They can mark classified ads as “sold”, delete ads, edit ads, and see how many times their ad was displayed.

3.  Classipress has Free or Paid Ads.  Featured ads are shown on the frontpage and on the rotating carousel.  You can charge extra money (like Kijiji) to display classified ads in this section/category and request payment via Paypal.

4.  Classipress has auto-complete & Suggest search.  If someone mistypes a search keyword and returns 0 classified ads, classipress recognizes misspelled words and suggests a keyword with a similar spelling.

5.  Classipress has a Coupon Module. Create time sensitive coupons.  You can specify coupon code, coupon discount, # of coupon max usage, coupon start and end date, and the coupon status.

6. Classipress “No Plugins Required”. Other classified templates you need to add different types of plugins to get your site fully functional, but with the Classipress you get everything when you purchase the theme.

7.  Classipress is Twitter & Facebook friendly. There is a facebook “like” button and you can also add on a twitter AJAX real-time sidebar to your classified ads site.

8.  Classipress is Monetized. Classipress includes many advertising hotspots on your classified website.  In these spots you can add in Adsense and any banners you want to post on your site.  The banner and Adsense management is extremely easy with this template – just cut and paste code!

9.  Classipress tracks Ad Performance. As an administrator you can track the performance of an ad.  The reason why you want to track the performance and views of a classified ad is because you can use widgets to display the most popular ad on the Frontpage to generate more visibility to the ad.

10.  Classipress has Customized Emails & Alerts. You can now customize messages that get sent to new users when they register on your site.    The email alert automatically sends out emails for new classified ads submitted, classified ads approved & expired, and as mentioned above – new user registration.

Classipress template is practically plug and play, you can create your own Craigslist or kijiji like site in just minutes.  I only listed a couple features in the Classipress template available from www.appthemes.com.    You should check out the Classipress demo here or  download Classipress classified ads wordpress template here.

    1. Enzolina

      Hi canada classifieds,

      Classipress Premium WordPress theme is not a plugin. This is a theme that you need to purchase, install and activate on your WordPress website to make your website look and function like craigslist ot kijiji.

      Thanks for your visit!

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