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WordPress Club Themes Review – AppThemes

AppThemes Overview

Appthemes wordpress themesAppThemes provides a unique brand of Wordpress theme solutions that offer functionality, flexibility and sustainability.   The goal is to build and maintain quality products that are affordable, and easy to setup.  Even for those business owners who no technical knowledge.  I find that each AppThemes theme is designed with lots of detail and provides you with exactly what you expect and more in functionality.  Nothing is left out.  Below I will talk about:

AppThemes Traffic Trends and Keyword Impact

According to Alexa.com, AppThemes traffic ranking for the last 3 months has increased over 300 points in comparison to beginning of the year.   The traffic ranking tho this month is slightly lower than it was last month by 380 points.

AppThemes Alex Traffic Ranking
AppThemes Alex Traffic Ranking

Most popular search and impact queries for AppThemes are the following terms.  These terms brought in the most traffic to  the site according to Alexa.com.

premium wordpress themesHigh
wordpress premium themesHigh
Wordpress ThemesMedium
premium themesMedium
job rollerMedium

 AppThemes WordPress Themes Development and Releases

AppThemes focuses on 5 industry niches and has created premium WordPress solution applications to cater to these needs.  Premium WordPress Themes include Classified Ads Management, Coupon Management, Job Posting Management, Business Directory Management, Knowledge Base Management. Since I’ve known AppThemes at the beginning of the year, they set the expectations of only 5 themes.   Only 3 are released so far – Classipress, Job Roller and Clipper and 2 in development  – Sage and Vantage.  You can see in their development life cycle below:

AppThemes Development Life Cycle

AppThemes Development Life Cycle

Benefits of Joining the AppThemes Theme Club

There are so many different websites you can create with AppThemes WordPress Themes. They can help transform your website easily into a fully functional application such as:

Click here to learn more

Featured WordPress AppThemes Themes

What AppThemes lacks in quantity, it makes up for in quality.  WordPress AppThemes not only has processes and functionality involved, it also allows the community to contribute to the website which enhances the usability and growth of the website.   Below are some feature WordPress Solutions such as the Classipress and Clipper.

ClassiPress Classified Ads Theme
ClassiPress Classified Ads Theme

1.  ClassiPress

  • ClassiPress is a Classified Ads Management Application tool
  • Used to create a classified ads application similar to Craigslist, Kijiji or OLX
  • Hot Features:  Allow visitors to submit and manage ads, scrolling featured ads, admin panel to setup taxomonies, add unlimited stores, Coupon module, Facebook & Twitter Integrated, multi-language support, setup memberships, and tons more.


Clipper WordPress Coupon Management Theme
Clipper WordPress Coupon Management Theme

2.  Clipper

  •  Clipper is a Coupon Management Application tool
  • Used to create a coupon or deal website similar to Savings.com or Retailmenot.com
  • Hot Features: Users can submit and manage coupons, advanced link cloaking and tracking, show success rate, scrolling featured coupons, multi-language support, Facebook & Twitter Integrated, admin panel to manage all coupons


Other WordPress Themes are:

  • Job Roller – Job Management Application- Used to create a job posting or job listing website similar to Monster.com, Workopolis.com
  • Vantage – Business Directory Management – Used to create a business directory or site linking similar to Yellowpages.com or 411.com.
  • Sage – Knowledge Base Management – Used to create a knowledge base or how-to website like eHow

Different Types of AppThemes Licences

Appthemes ClassiPress bannerWith AppThemes there are essentially four different licenses you can purchase.  Click here to see all licenses

1.  Single Theme Standard License

  • Unlimited licenses to create on multiple web sites
  • Lifetime Updates.
  • Does not include the Photoshop (.psd) design files.

2.  Single Theme Developer License

  • Everything that a Standard has
  • Includes Photoshop (.psd) files.

3.  Club Standard License

  • Access to download all current and future theme releases
  • Lifetime updates & access to all current & future themesClick here to view Theme Pricing
  • Unlimited licenses for use on multiple web sites.
  • Does not include the Photoshop (.psd) design files.

Appthemes Coupon Template4.  Club Developer License

  • Everything a Club Standard has
  • Includes the Photoshop (.psd) design files.

Cost of AppThemes WordPress Themes

Currently the cost of each Wordpress Theme is $99.  I feel this is a reasonable price considering the package you get with each theme.   Once you purchase the theme it totally belongs to you and there are no hidden fees, membership fees or subscription fees.

Cost to Join the Theme Club Standard/Developer

Below is also the cost breakdown if you choose to purchase a club standard or a club developer version, the cost per theme drops.   This makes it more cheaper if you are interested in more than one theme at AppThemes.  According to stats, the most popular license is 3. Club Standard License.

 Product License$ CostAccess to # Themes$ Cost/Theme# of Themes to DL to get Money’s WorthRenewal Fees
1. Single Standard$991$991$0
2. Single Developer$1591$1591$0
3. Club Standard$2495$49.802$0
4. Club Developer$3495$69.803$0

AppThemes Support

You can always tell if a theme is good if it is has a strong support team behind it.  It means that the team who developed it, believes in their product and knows it will make a difference in your business.  AppThemes is one of those companies that has a strong support group.   You can look at these 3 types of support:

  • Documentation – There are tons of documentation and tutorials for ClassiPress, Job Roller, Clipper and for Developers
  • Support Forums -If you look at the AppThemes support forum, you will see most responses are made within a few hours and the pre-sale forum is very active with many experts responding to questions.
  • Email Support –  AppThemes also has an email address where you can contact them.  I’ve contacted them many times before and the response time is about 2 hours.

Conclusion Yes/No:

Yes! AppThemes is a great buy if you want to create a premium classified ads, coupon savings, or a job posting website.   If you are like me and love all the AppThemes themes the best bundle to buy would be the Club Standard license.  Just with the unlimited updates and access to all, new and future themes is a major benefit.  I highly recommend AppThemes!

Click here to purchase theme from AppThemes

Click here to purchase the Club Standard License

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