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Ticket Clone – How to Build a Ticket Tracking Website

FaultPress by WooThemes

Build your own ticketing platform to track bugs and defects.   This is a powerful Wordpress Theme that will totally transform your website into a Project Management or Bug Tracking website and engage your community in submitting tickets, requesting bug fixes, ticket reports, and tracking milestone completion.   There is no need to spend tons of money to purchase Bug Tracking Software, use premium Wordpress theme FaultPress by WooThemes.com.  Click here for details about FaultPress.

Bug Tracking Theme- FaultPress by WooThemes
FaultPress Template to Build:

  • Bug Tracking Website
  • Default Trackin Website
  • Ticket Submission Website
  • Project Management Website

Click here demo FaultPress.

Click here to download FaultPress

Features of FaultPress:

1.  Create Milestones.  You can create milestone and estimated completion dates. Bugs created in the system can be assigned to certain milestones to track the progress of completion.

2.  Manage Tickets. Developers can set priority and status of the tickets.  Individual tickets can be assigned to team members.

3.  Ticket Creation.  Tickets can be added either by guests, or restricted to team members only.

4.  Ticket Overview at a glance.  FaultPress displays the project description as well as a statistical breakdown including the total amount of unresolved tickets, milestones, members and contributors. The overview page also displays all the latest activity including new tickets, milestones and messages as well as any updates to tickets including a change of status, priority, the addition of tags or attachments.

5.  Mobile Integrated. Faultis fully optimized for mobile devices including iPads, notebooks and smart-phones in portrait / landscape orientation.

6.  Manage Multiple Projects.  With a single WordPress and FaultPress installation, you can manage multiple projects.   Simply use the dropdown to switch between projects and you will see a different set of milestones and bugs.

7.  Email Notifications.  You can ‘watch’ tickets and messages as defects come in. This means you will receive activity notifications delivered directly into your inbox in real-time.

This is the first Wordpress template that I’ve come across that is perfect to create a Bug Tracking or Project Management website.  You can track milestone performance based on defects assigned to that milestone.   The FaultPress Premium Wordpress Theme is plug and play.  There are no additional plugins that you need to install to get your Bug Tracking website up and running.   Highly recommended!

Price to Build a Bug Tracking Website:

  • FaultPress by WooThemes.com Template = $100
  • Webhosting by Fatcow.com = $56/year
  • Total cost (Template + Webhosting) = $156

Click here to demo/download this template now.

Click here to purchase Webhosting from Fatcow.




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