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WordPress – Embed iFrame in Posts or Pages

So you can’t directly link iframe code in your Wordpress posts or pages.  I’ve tried and it doesn’t work.  So I found a WordPress plugin that will embed the iframe links into my posts.   I’ve also used the short code to embed iframe code into pages as well.  The plugin name is “Embed Iframe”.  It’s really easy to use.   After downloading the WordPress plugin, I installed and activated it.

Say for example your iframe link was <a href=”http://www.cmsmind.com” width=”100″ height=”500″>

So this is how you would use it after you install it.

1.  Go to Wordpress backend.

2.  Edit the post or page.

3.  You can either be in HTML or Visual view.

4.  Go to the position where you want to embed iframe code.  Type:

[iframe http://www.cmsmind.com/  100 500]

5.  Basically the shortcode is [iframe URL width height]

6.  You won’t see the iframe contents while you are editing the post.  Save and view the post.  You will see the embedded iframe from the frontend.

It’s short and simple, easy to use and light weight.   Click here to read more about the Wordpress plugin from the WordPress extend directory.

  1. web-developer

    You also can try this WordPress plugin “Iframe” to insert iframe into post content using shortcode. It is simple and has various parameters.

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