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WordPress Help – Free Installation September 2011

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I just wanted to thank everyone for visiting my site and want to give back to you. So for the month of September I am offering my services for free. I will help you install Wordpress and install a Wordpress Theme for you for free. You will need to purchase your own Webhosting and Wordpress Theme.  Below are all the eligible hosting and Wordpress Themes I will help you install.


  • Fatcow – More info here.
  • Godaddy – More info here.
  • Dreamhost – More info here.
  • Bluehost – More info here.

Wordpress Themes:

I will be happy to help you install WordPress and your Wordpress Theme.   If the WordPress theme you want to install is not listed, just send me an email and let me know.  All you need to do is:

1.  Purchase a Webhosting and the Wordpress template above before contacting me.

2.  Send me an email with the following information:

  • Your name, email address
  • Your website domain name
  • Name of the webhosting provider
  • Login name and password of your webhosting
  • WordPress Theme name chosen and WordPress theme ZIP file

3.  Wait for my email and please be patient.

After I receive your email:

  • I will respond as soon as possible that I’ve received your request.
  • If there is a queue, I will keep you updated as to when I will start working on your project.
  • I will then let you know when I start working on your project and upon completion I will send you another email.
  • If there are any errors, will let you know as well.

You must send me the latest and purchased version of the WordPress Theme you want me to install.  If it is a free download from another site or an older version, I will not install it because errors will occur.  My services involve only WordPress installation and install/activation of your WordPress theme.  Customizing and managing your website is your responsibility.

All information you provide me will remain strictly confidential and not be used for any illegal purposes.  There is no catch, no hidden costs, no membership fee, no links, nothing.  I’m providing the service totally free.

Thanks again for your visits!



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