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WordPress Help – How to hide posts on Frontpage

WordPress plugin – There is no easy way to hide posts from the frontpage of your Wordpress website.  That’s why I use a plugin that is designed for this purpose.  I installed the WordPress plugin named – WP Hide Post.

This plugin is great because it gives you full control over the visibility of your posts and pages on your website.  By default published posts are displayed on the frontpage, category, tag, author, search, feeds and archive pages.  With this plugin you can opt to hide your posts via the ‘Post Visibility’ option along the right sidebar when creating a post.

Your post hide options are:

  • Hide on the front page
  • Hide on category pages
  • Hide on tag pages
  • Hide on author pages
  • Hie in date archives
  • Hide in search results
  • Hide in feeds

WP Hide - post hide options
WP Hide Post hide options

You page hide options are:

  • Show normally everywhere
  • Hide when listing pages on the front page
  • Hide everywhere pages are listed

Hiding posts from the Frontpage is a great for SEO Optimization.  You will be able to continue adding content and hiding posts which you don’t think should be on the Frontpage.  You should keep your Frontpage for featured posts you want your users to read immediately when they reach your site.



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