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WordPress Help – How to Make a WordPress Post Sticky

Wordpress Tips – How to keep a Wordpress post Sticky at top of the page

Publishing your Wordpress posts will automatically be displayed on your WordPress website in reverse chronological order – newer posts are always at the top of your website.  This is assuming that you did not install any WordPress plugin that hides the post from the frontpage or alter the sorting method on the frontpage.   Someone recently asked me How to keep a WordPress post sticky at the top of the site and not move down as newer posts are published.    This is fairly simple and easily done in your New/Edit WordPress post screen.  See below for steps and screenshot:

Wordpress - How to Make Post Sticky
Wordpress - Make Post Sticky

1.  Login to your WordPress administrator backend

2.  Click and edit the post you want sticky

3.  See the ‘Publish’ settings on the right hand side

4.  See Visiblity: Public – click on edit.  Set the following values:

  • Public, select the checkbox =
  • Click on OK

5.  Click on Update or Publish

Create a new post, and refresh your website.  You will see your sticky post remain at the top of your WordPress website.  If you want to unstick the post, just go back into the post options and uncheck the option ” ” in step 4.

Hope that helps you,


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