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WordPress – How to Add the HelloBar to Thesis Theme

Thesis Tutorial: Did you notice the cool Hellobar at the top of my website? It’s nifty code that I picked up from Hellobar.com.   There is no registration page on the website because you need to be invited.  I didn’t want to look around for someone to invite me, so I signed up myself and waited for them to invite me.   I think took me a month for my submission to go through and now I have access to the Hellobar.  I only played around with a little of it, but the first obstacle I had was actually putting it on my website.  Especially with Wordpress Thesis installed it can be a little tricky.  I installed the Thesis OpenHook plugin to help me and it worked.  So this is how you add the Hellobar to your website if you have Thesis Theme installed:

1.  Grab the Hellobar code from your hellobar account.

2.  Your Hellobar code will look like:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”//www.hellobar.com/hellobar.js”></script>
<script type=”text/javascript”>
new HelloBar(10586,10258);
The Hello Bar is a simple <a href=”https://www.hellobar.com”>web toolbar</a> that engages users and communicates a call to action.

3. Login to your Wordpress control panel.

4.  Go to ‘Plugins’ and add new plugin.

5.  Search for Thesis OpenHook plugin.  Install and Activate the plugin.

6.  Under ‘Appearances‘, click on ‘Thesis OpenHook’

7.  Look for the hook ‘WP Head’.  You don’t have to look very far, it’s the first one.

8.  Paste the HelloBar code in the textbox beside the WP Head hook.  This is equivalent to adding wp_head in your custom_functions.php file.

After you save the Thesis OpenHook changes and refresh your website, you should see the HelloBar at along the top of your screen.  It grabs the users attention and isn’t too annoying.  Users can always hide the bar if they don’t want to see it.


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