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Deactivate WordPress Plugin – My Google Adsense Ads Went Missing!

Oh wow.  I was just looking at my Wordpress website and saw that my Google Adsense ads were missing.  I didn’t do anything different, but the only thing that I did do was install a new WordPress plugin.  I was trying to put in the META tags and descriptions into each post by using the keywords.  So I installed the “Meta Keywords & Description” WordPress plugin.  I didn’t really use it but thought nothing of it.

As soon as I saw it missing, I thought this Wordpress plugin must be interferring with my Adsense WordPress plugin – All in One Adsense and YPN.   So I deactivated the Meta Keywords plugin and deleted it from my website.  Now my Google Adsense ads are back.

You can delete and deactivate a WordPress plugin by:

1.  Login to your WordPress administrator backend.

2.  Click on Plugins.

3.  Find the WordPress Plugin that you want to delete, in my case the “Meta Keywords & Description”.

4. Click on text link ‘Deactivate’.

5. Switch to the ‘Inactive’ plugins view.

6. Select the plugin again and click on ‘Delete’.  Answer ‘Yes” to are you sure you want to delete all files associated with this plugin.

So now it’s gone from your WordPress website.  You can look at the active Plugins in your WordPress to confirm it has been deleted.



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