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WordPress – Increase Size of Edit Box

Was this setting always there? Or was I blind before? You mean I could have increased the size of this Wordpress edit post box long time ago? I know lots of Wordpress bloggers must annoyed by the tiny 5 line window that we have to create posts. Most of our posts are long, with pictures and with 5 lines it’s just a hassle to keep on scrolling up and down. I don’t know why, I just can’t get used to the fullscreen option either. So if you want to know how to increase the size of your edit post box in WordPress to show at least 20 lines, here is how.

1. Login to your WordPress backend.

2. Go to ‘Settings’, ‘Writing’

3. Set option ‘Size of the post box’ = 20

4. Save your options.

Enjoy the freedom!!! The edit post box is so long now.I don’t feel confined to write in a little fishbowl anymore.

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