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Simple Mobile by Themeforest

Apple iPhones are going to take over the world!! Ok, maybe I’m a little biased.  But everyone has a smartphone these days.  If you have a website, you would be silly to ignore an increasing percentage of your audience.  In addition, mobile marketing is becoming extremely popular so a Mobile Friendly version your website is a must.  Check out the Simple Mobile Wordpress Theme by  Themeforest.  This is a perfect mobile theme.  You can also use it in parallel with your existing desktop version Wordpress Theme.   You just need to download a simple plugin (which is free) to detect if your visitor is using a smartphone device or accessing your website via a desktop/laptop.   Click here to see details about the Simple Mobile theme.

Simple Mobile WordPress Theme
Simple Mobile Wordpress Theme
Simple Mobile Wordpress Theme to Build: 

  • iPhone ready website
  • Smartphone ready website
  • Blogging website
  • Video Blogging website
  • Photoblogging website


Simple Mobile Wordpress Theme Top 6 Features:

1.  Use theme in parallel.  As mentioned above, you can use this mobile theme in parallel with your existing Wordpress Theme for desktop/laptop users.  Simply download a plugin to detect what platform your visitors are using.  If using an iPhone/Smartphone they they will use this template, if not they will use your existing template.  This free plugin is called – “WordPress Mobile Pack”.

2. 8 Different color schemes.  You can easily change color schemes with the Simple Mobile control panel.

3.  Easily filter posts. Since this is a mobile platform, you might want to display important or featured posts from a category.  With the control panel you can choose the category or author you want to display posts from.

4.  Social Media Integrated. Currently there are 43 social media icons you can choose from and integrate into your website.

5.  2 widgetized areas. There is the footer and middle bar you can use to place ads or small banners to monetize your mobile website.

6.  Easily Embed Photos and Videos.  The theme is already integrated with Flickr and you can easily add photos into your mobile website to transform it into a PhotoBlog.  You can also embed YouTube video codes to make your website into a video blogging platform.

There are more great features of the Simple Mobile theme for your mobile website.  I recommend this theme because it is very versatile and has tons of features The cost of this theme is merely $20.  Now how can you go wrong with that?  This is a great choice to  instantly make a mobile platform for your smartphone customers/visitors.

Download Simple Mobile WordPress Theme

Click here to demo the Simple Mobile WordPress Theme.

Click here to download the Simple Mobile WordPress Theme.


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