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WordPress Plugin to Improve Keyword Linking

I had this plugin installed for a while but I think I should write about it now because it’s such a great tool to have in your WordPress plugin basket.  This plugin is called ‘WP Keyword Link”.  I love this because I can specify a keyword and a link to where I want that keyword to go.  It significantly improved my SEO and keyword linking in Google and other search engines.  I think this is a plugin you should look into as well.  The WP Keyword Link has many settings you can configure:

You can decided for each link if you would like to:

  • Add a “No Follow”
  • Match only on the first mention
  • Open a new window on clicking the link
  • Match any case (ignore case) in the keyword
  • Apply the link also to your posts comment section
  • Multi-language support
  • Auto change Post tags to Keyword (New), You can choose turn on or turn off.
  • displays a list of similar posts

You can see the WP Keyword linking tool working on my website right now.  After you install the plugin, you can setup your keyword and link pair in the settings.  For example:

How to create a keyword link for the keyword = WordPress plugin

1.  Go to Wordpress Administrator backend.

2. Click on Settings, WP Keyword Link, Keyword Link tab

3.  Set Keyword = Wordpress plugin

4.  Set * Link = http://www.cmsmind.com/tag/Wordpress-plugin/

5.  Set Description = WordPress plugin reviews

6.  Click on ‘

7.  Click on Save.

* Use a link to somewhere on your website where you want this keyword to link to.  It’s preferable to link within your website.

So that’s it.  You can create as many keywords as you like on your WordPress website.   I think this is pretty useful.  I forgot to select the ‘Ignore case’ and it wasn’t picking up my keyword if I had it in upper case.  So remember to select that option in Step 6.    After you save and refresh your post you will see the keywords you entered and saved turn into links which are pointed to another page on your website.  You can find the ‘WP Keyword Link’ in the WordPress.org plugin directory.



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