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by Elaine on March 9, 2012

WordPress plugin – Someone complained that my captcha was really annoying and after trying to submit some comments myself, I found that it was a little annoying. So I went searching for a new CAPTCHA plugin to use for my Thesis website. I found this math one that I thought was interesting. I do like the math challenges and glad I don’t have to take out my calculator for them. I love my new free CAPTCHA so far, if you are interested in trying it out, below is where it is and how to install it.

Overview of how to Install CAPTCHA on your Wordpress website:

  • Search for CAPTCHA plugin
  • Install & Activate CAPTCHA plugin
  • Edit the settings for the CAPTCHA plugin
cmsmind wordpress captcha plugin 1 Wordpress Plugin   New Captcha Plugin

1. WordPress plugin - search for CAPTCHA

1.  Search for CAPTCHA plugin

CAPTCHA is a free Wordpress plugin and available in the Wordpress Extend directory.

  • Login to your WordPress admin panel
  • Click on ‘Plugins’, ‘Add New’
  • In the ‘Install Plugins’ screen, set
    • Search Term = CAPTCHA
  • Click on ‘Search Plugins’

2.  Install & Activate CAPTCHA plugin

  • On the next screen,  under the CAPTCHA title, click on ‘Install Now’
cmsmind wordpress captcha plugin 2 Wordpress Plugin   New Captcha Plugin

2. Wordpress Plugin - Install CAPTCHA

  • Under Installing Plugin.  Successfully installed the plugin – click on ‘Activate Plugin’
cmsmind wordpress captcha plugin 3 Wordpress Plugin   New Captcha Plugin

2. Wordpress Plugin - Activate CAPTCHA

cmsmind wordpress captcha plugin 4 Wordpress Plugin   New Captcha Plugin

3. WordPress Plugins - Click on BWS Plugins CAPTCHA

3.  Edit the settings for the CAPTCHA plugin

  • On the Right navigation, Mouse over ‘BWS Plugins’, click on ‘Captcha’
  • Your CAPTCHA plugin options will display.
cmsmind wordpress captcha plugin 5 Wordpress Plugin   New Captcha Plugin

Wordpress Plugin - Edit Captcha Settings

Here you can select where you want your CAPTCHA to display.  You can choose to display CAPTCHA on your login form, register form, lost password form, comments form, contact form or hide CAPTCHA for registered users.  Below that screen you can also choose what type of CAPTCHA you want to use.  It’s very easy to setup and use.



 Wordpress Plugin   New Captcha Plugin


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