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Wordpress Plugins – Pingback and Trackbacks Free Comments

I can’t recommend this plugin enough.  I’ve recently been hit with tons of trackbacks and pingbacks in my comments and didn’t know how to stop them.  I even changed the permalink of one of my posts for it to stop but it found 10 more to trackbacks or pingback.  So I found this free WordPress plugin in the Wordpress extend directory to help me eradicate this annoying spam.  The plugin is called ‘WP Hashcash’.

WP Hashcash is an antispam plugin that eradicates comment spam on WordPress blogs. It works because your WP Hashcash detects if visitors visit your website from a web browser or a robot. WP Hashcash then will either  put the comment into moderation (default), put the comment in the akismet queue, or delete it.

Below are steps to install this plugin:

Download and Install WordPress plugin

1.  Login to your WordPress administrator backend

2.  Click on Plugins, Add New

3.  Search the plugin directory = WP Hashcash.  Click on “Search Plugin”

Wordpress Search for WP Hashcash
Wordpress Search for WP Hashcash

Install and Activate the WordPress plugin

4.  Under the WP Hashcash column name, click on ‘Install Now’.

5.  Click on ‘Plugins’, ‘Installed Plugins’,

6.  Find the plugin name = WordPress Hashcash.  Click on ‘Activate’

Wordpress Install Plugin WP Hashcash - Install Now
Wordpress Install Plugin WP Hashcash - Install Now

Configure WordPress Hashcash

7.  Click on Plugins, WordPress Hashcash

8.  Under standard options, set

  • Moderation = Delete

9.  Click on ‘Save WP Hashcash Settings’

I installed this plugin but forgot to change the moderation to ‘Delete’.  So don’t forget to do that.  Otherwise the spam comment will just sit in moderation waiting for you to mark it as spam.  See screenshot below for the WP hashcash settings:

WP Hashcash Spam Free
WP Hashcash Spam Free

So far so good! No tracebacks or pingbacks yet.  Keeping my fingers crossed.



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