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How to Create a Question Answer Site like Yahoo Answers or Ask.com

I personally think that this Wordpress template is a step above Yahoo Answers or Ask.com because it separates the questions into categories along the left navigation.  You can basically use this Wordpress template and transform your site into any type of question and answer forum you like.  For example you can create a dating question and answer site, real estate question and answer site, finance and stocks questions and answers site, travel information question and answer site – the possibilities are endless.   This clean and premium Wordpress template is called Instant Q&A by Themeforest.net.

Click here to demo the template
Username = demoUser Password=demoUser10

Key Features of the Instant Q&A template:

1.  Custom login page – visitors can signup on your site with the templates custom login page.   The visitor will create their own passwords and have access to maintain their own user profile.

2.  Manage Profiles – visitors who created a user profile can manage their own profile via the My accounts page.  From there, users can customize their “About Me” page.  Logged in users can also see questions they asked and answers they answered.  At the same time view their star rating based on answers.

3.  Star Rating – Members who are registered with your site earn points everytime they ask or answer a question.

4.   Popular Questions – On the Frontpage is a link to the most recent questions asked and popular questions that are receving the most answers.

5.  Social Network Integrated – Each question can be connected to facebook, twitter, digg, bookmarked, delicious, reddit and any other social networking site.

There are tons of other features such as:

  • Works with Wordpress 3.0
  • Select Sub-Categories From Ask Question Form
  • Turnkey Question & Answer website solution
  • Gravatar Integration
  • 3 Color Schemes
  • Custom Logo Image
  • Banner Ad Monetization: 160×600, 728×90 and (2) 125×125 ads
  • Google Analytics Tag
  • Valid XHTML Code
  • Photoshop PSDs Included
  • Detailed Documentation Included

I have only 3 problems with this template:

1.  There is no way to close the question as resolved.  All the questions remain open and can be continually answered.

2.  The template does not support tags at this time.

3.  The Star or point system is not rewarded to good answers but to how many answers or questions you post.  I think the point system should be awarded only to good answers, otherwise there could be possiblity of spam.

Overall this is a pretty good template for it`s purpose.  The Instant Q&A template does the job of changing your site easily into an elegant Question and Answer site.  Check out the demo or download it here.

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