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WordPress – Questions & Answers Template

In one of my previous posts I mentioned a Wordpress template that will help you build a website like Ask.com, Answers.yahoo.com or any question and answer website you find.  What are the chances, I found another template that offers you the same functionality.   The Wordpress theme name is “Answers” by Templatic.

This templateis also very similar to Yahoo Answers in that the person asking the question can vote on the best answer, meanwhile other people who posted answers can also vote on the validity of the answers posted by voting up/down the answers.

Paypal is integrated with this template.  You can charge members to ask questions, but I think this defeats the purpose of having a social networking site.  I wouldn’t recommend implementing a payment structure into a free question and answer forum.  You might deter people from using your site and then reduce traffic to your site.  Having said that, the option is available to let people ask questions for free or to pay via paypal.

After someone clicks on “Ask a Question” button, they are taken to a page where they can ask their questions in as much detail they want.  The user can quickly login or register in a very tiny form instead of filling huge form.

The theme also lists active users on the site along with their profiles.   Everytime someone votes for your answer you get a point and these points are accumulated and displayed on the users profile.  The user profile also displays the number of questions and answers asked by the user.

I think overall this template is pretty decent as well.  Check out a demo of the Answers template by Templatic.

Click here to view a demo.

Click here to download the template.

2 thoughts on “WordPress – Questions & Answers Template

  1. It’s a really nice theme actually, i just can’t think of a way i could implement it on my site, or come up with any ideas for answers like sites to make, lol

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