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WordPress Help – Custom Category Sort Order

I know a huge problem with Wordpress categories that I’ve experienced is that Wordpress wants to sort categories alphabetically.  I have tons of categories that are not supposed to be listed in alphabetical order but there is no easy to way change the sort order for the listing of Categories.   So I searched for a WordPress plugin to help me with this and I found one that is really good.

For Example:

I have these categories and I want them to be displayed as below:

  • Webhosting
  • Templates
  • Help
  • Documentation
  • About

But WordPress rearranges my categories and shows them as:

  • About
  • Documentation
  • Help
  • Templates
  • Webhosting

I found this plugin called – ‘My Category Order’.    This plugin allows you to set the order in which WordPress Categories will appear in the sidebar. Uses a drag and drop interface for ordering*.  Adds a widget with additional options for easy installation on widgetized themes.  It’s really easy to install and configure.  If you need help with installation, see below.  There are many options you can sort your WordPress Categories, you can sort by:

  • Custom Sort Order  (See Step 9)
  • Name
  • Post Category Count
  • Category ID
  • Category Slug
  • Term Group – Not sure what this is for (?? any ideas?)

How to Install the ‘My Category Order’ plugin:

1.  Login to your WordPress administrator backend.

2.  Click on Plugins, Add New.

3.  Under Search, Term = My Category Order.  Click on button ‘Search Plugins’.

4.  Click on ‘Install Now’, then ‘Activate Now’.

5.  Click on Appearance, Widgets

6.  Drag 0ver the Available Widget ‘My Category Order’ to the sidebar.

7.  Use the drop down for ‘Order By’  and you will see all the available options.  I would only use the Name, ID, Slug, and Count.  The other ones don’t seem to work for me.

8.  Save the sidebar widget.

WOW!! I just found out more about this Custom Sort Order.  If you want to manually change the sort order of the categories, you can drag and drop them into your desired sort settings.

9.  Chose Order by = Custom Sort Order

10.  Save the Widget.

11.  Click on ‘Posts’, ‘My Category Order’

12.  Under Categories, you can drag and drop the category headings.

13.  If you also wanted to sort the sub categories, under “Order Subcategories” – use the dropdown to select the subcategory you want to custom sort.

14.  When done, click on ‘Click to Order Categories’.


VOILA! You will see all the WordPress categories sort options available.    The good thing about this category plugin is that you can also include, exclude categories from the category list you display on the frontend, choose how many levels of subcategories you want to display, max number of categories to display and more.

Hope that helps,



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