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WordPress Thesis 1.8 Help – How to Customize the text ‘Read the full article’

Thesis Tutorial– How to change text from “Read the full article” to “Continue Reading

This is a simple Thesis 1.8 tutorial on how to change your read more links under your posts from “Read the full article” to “Continue Reading”.  It’s very simple and you can do this directly from your Thesis control panel.

Wordpress Thesis Continue Reading
Wordpress Thesis Continue Reading

Steps steps are below:

1.  Log in to your Wordpress admnistrator panel

2.  Click on Thesis, Design Options

3.  In the middle column near the bottom you will find the title “Link to Full Article” title

4.  In the white box for link display text, set it to:

Continue Reading →

5.  Click on the Save button

You can refresh your Wordpress website and see all the read more links changed to “Continue Reading”.



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