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WordPress Thesis Help – Add Revision Date

Thesis Tutorial:  I’ve recently installed the DIY Themes – Thesis template and that’s why I’m posting all this info on how to customize your Thesis theme further.   This Thesis theme is just amazing with all the customization you can do and it is used by some of the top people in the internet industry.   Anyways, makes you think why are you not using the template.  lol.  So anyways, I wanted to show readers when a post was last updated and the revision date.  There was no option in the Thesis backend administrator panel, so once again I went to play around with the code.   Below are instructions on how to add a revision date to the end of a post on your site.   You will need access to your file server either via FTP, telnet or the hosting file manager to make these changes.

1.  Go to your Thesis theme directory – ~/wp-content/themes/thesis18/custom/

2.  Edit the file called “custom_functions.php” and insert the following code:

// START – Thesis Theme – Add revision date to post

function revision_date() {
if(get_the_modified_date() != get_the_date())
echo ‘Revised on ‘ . get_the_modified_date();

// END – Thesis Theme – Add revision date to post

3.  Save the file.

Refresh your Wordpress Thesis site.  Select a post and you will see when the date when it was last revised.



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