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WordPress Thesis Help – How to Remove {0 Comments}

2 days ago I updated my WordPress plugin Thesis Openhook and this whole problem started.  Now with the new version you can’t see all the hooks in a page, you have to use the drop down.  I really hate that.  I loved the old version better where I could see all the hooks and quickly do a search.  They also removed the ability (well I can’t find it) to remove the ‘no comments’.  So my {0 comments} started showing again.

Thesis - Remove {0 Comments]
Thesis - Remove {0 Comments}

I found in DIYthemes there was a tutorial on how to remove the {0 Comments}.  There is code you can either

  • Remove the {0 Comments} totally
  • Change the {0 Comments} to say “Be the first to Comment”
  • Remove the {} brackets from the Comments

I tried them all, but I still didn’t like to see the {0 Comments} phrase listed on the front of my site so I opted to remove that.   You can check out the tutorial Wordpress Thesis - Custom File Editor

1. Wordpress Thesis - Custom File Editor

Below I will also show you how to do it.  High-level Overview of How to Remove {0 Comments} From Thesis:

  • Access the Thesis Custom Editor
  • Edit the Custom_Functions.php
  • Add Code to Remove {0 Comments}

1.  Go into Wordpress Admin

  • Login to your Wordpress Administrator
  • Click on ‘Thesis’, ‘Thesis Custom Editor
Wordpress Thesis - Edit Custom_Functions.php
2. Wordpress Thesis - Edit Custom_Functions.php

2.  Edit the Custom_Functions.php

It is wise to take a back up of the custom_functions.php file before editing it.  If you make any mistake in your custom_functions.php file, your whole thesis website will be down and not accessible.  You can make a backup of it using your FTP Manager.

  • In the Thesis Custom File Editor
  • Click on the drop down “Currently editing: custom/custom_functions.php”, set to
    • custom_functions.php
  • Click on ‘Edit selected file

3.  Add Code to Remove {0 Comments}

  • below the <?php and all the commented lines – lines that start with // or /*
  •  add the following code:

// Elaine CmsMind.com Mar 15, 2012 7:50 am – Added code to Remove {0 Comments} from Thesis – START
remove_action(‘thesis_hook_after_post’, ‘thesis_comments_link’);
// Elaine CmsMind.com Mar 15, 2012 7:50 am – Added code to Remove {0 Comments} from Thesis – END

  • Click on ‘Save’

Now you can refresh your Thesis website and see the {0 Comments} gone.  If you need more customization, please refer to the DIYthemes guide.



One comment
  1. Frank

    I just used this method when I found it on DIY and it didn’t work, I thought maybe a recent update changed something…. I continued looking and found your tutorial and seeing that you posted this so very recently and I see that the 0 comments link does not appear on your site.

    Any advice on what could’ve changed?

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