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WordPress Tips – How to Disable Right Click

Wordpress Help – Disable Right Click on Wordpress Website

I disabled my right click option on my WordPress website because people were copying all my content and posting it on their own site.  They were even copying my images.  So I went searching for ways to hinder them from copying my content and images.  I know this will inconvenience some of my visitors…I’m sorry!!! If you want to disable right click on your wordpress website, I would recommend installing this free WordPress plugin called WP-Copyright-Protection”.

The WP-Copyright-Protection is a free WordPress plugin that provides a simple way to protect the content on your website.  It will disable text copy, image copy and will keep your site out of an iframe.

Follow the steps below to disable right click copy.

1.  Install WordPress Plugin

  • Login to your WordPress administrator backend
  • Click on Plugins, Add New
  • Search for “WP-Copyright-Protection”
  • Click on Install Now
Wordpress Disable Right Click Plugin Install
Wordpress Disable Right Click Plugin Install

2.  Activate WordPress Plugin

  • Click on Plugins, Find the WP-Copyright-Protection Plugin
  • Click on Activate
  • Will see a success message that says:

Plugin activated.

Wordpress Disable Right Click Plugin Activate
Wordpress Disable Right Click Plugin Activate

Now you can refresh your WordPress website and test it out.  You will not able able to right click or save images.

Update: I’ve recently re-enabled my right click and removed the plugin because not having a right click was annoying me too much.  This plugin works as it should and is great if disabling right click is what you want.



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