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How to Create your own Amazing Youtube Clone with MoviePress

Youtube CloneMoviePress by PremiumPress

How did I ever miss this Wordpress theme?? This is an amazing premium Wordpress template that totally transforms your website into a website like YouTube.  You can upload multiple videos and place them in unlimited categories.  You do not need to know any HTML or PHP coding.   Simply install Wordpress, download this Wordpress theme and activate it.   Also please don’t judge me because it has Britney Spears music video on it, and I enjoyed watching it. haha.  Anyways, click here to see more details about MoviePress.

MoviePress by PremiumPress
Use this Wordpress Theme to Build:

Click here for a demo of MoviePress.

Top 8 Features of MoviePress Theme:

1.  Scrolling Featured Videos.  There is an image slider on the frontpage which will scroll throught your featured videos.  This will bring more attention to the videos you want to showcase.  There is also a thumbnail overview and a link to the article created for that video.

2.  Video Page. Each video you upload has it’s own page.  There you can add video title, video description, a link to add video to favourites.  Users can see how many times the video was viewed and leave comments.

3.  Social Networking Integrated.  Each video can be shared on Facebook, twitter, emailed to a friend, or added to favourites.

4.  Upload or Import Videos. You can combine website videos from different sources.  Ie you can upload videos from your own computer and/or import them from video websites such as YouTube, MetaCafe, Break

5.  Automatically creates thumbnails. You don’t need to breakout your Photoshop because MoviePress has a built in video convert or (requires FFMEG) creating screenshots for your videos during upload.

6.  Membership Packages. You can create teaser videos and restrict access to different videos.  You create your own customized membership pricing and levels.   For example, if you _finish_ watching the “Britney Spears music video – don’t hold it against me” at the end you will see “UPGRADE NOW” Click here to get full access now”.  Once you click that you will see your membership packages that you created.

7.  Showcase Videos. On the Frontpage you can also display top videos, featured videos, and recent videos.

8.  Extensive Control Panel. From your Wordpress Theme backend control panel, you can change your theme colors, settings and , integrate with your facebook or twitter accounts.  You can also manage memberships packages, affiliate and banner codes, website members, payment gateways and many more.

There are tons more features to this amazing VideoBlogging WordPress theme.  I would highly recommend this theme if you are trying to create a YouTube Clone website.  Using WordPress to create your VideoBlogging website will only take a few minutes to setup.  Click here to demo MoviePress now.

Click here to download MoviePress.

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