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10 Things To Do After You Install WordPress

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After you install Wordpress on your website, there will be some Sample Data that you don’t want to show up on your site.  I usually delete all this Sample Data, delete plugins that were installed with the basic installation, change my display name, and change Permalinks. This is a tutorial on what to do right after you install Wordpress on your site.

Here are some of the steps to do after you install WordPress

  1. Access your WordPress Admin Panel
  2. Delete ‘Hello Word!’ Post in WordPress Admin
  3. Empty Post Trash in WordPress Admin
  4. Delete ‘Sample Page’ Page in WordPress Admin
  5. Empty Pages Trash in WordPress Admin
  6. Delete Installed Plugins in WordPress Plugins Admin
  7. Edit Your User Profile in WordPress Users Admin
  8. Change Publicly Displayed Name in WordPress Users Admin
  9. Change Permalinks Settings to Post Name in WordPress Admin
  10. Change your Website Site Title and Tag Line in Settlings – General



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