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Blank screen after Login to WordPress Admin

Wordpress Help – Help! Blank screen after logging into Wordpress Admin.

First thing, DO NOT PANIC!  Ok Because I panicked.  I thought someone hacked into my website and disabled some settings, or restricted my access.  I was almost tempted to rebuild my site but that would take too much time.  Along with a blank screen after logging into the Wordpress admin section, I did other research and found:

  • Ftontend articles were showing normal
  • I could access all posts and comments and there were no errors
  • I was able to access the site via FTP with no problems
  • I was able to access the MySQL database via phpMyAdmin with no problems
  • I checked the login lockdown IP addresses and my IP address was not locked out
  • I checked my webhosting provider and nothing out of the ordinary
I decided to let it sit to see if it would resolve itself overnight.  Unfortunately, when I woke up the next morning, the problem was still there.  I still saw a white screen after logging into my WordPress admin.  But with the help of my webhosting support, I was able to resolve my problem.  Remember to take a backup of everything before you change it.  Here are the steps of what I did to resolve the problem:
  • Find Active Plugins
  • Remove all active plugins
  • Reactivate plugins one by one to see which had an error
  • Delete the plugin that had an error
  • Re-configure other plugins

1.  Find Active Plugins

Wordpress phpMyAdmin Run SQL to edit Active_Plugins
Wordpress phpMyAdmin Run SQL to edit Active_Plugins
  • Login to your Webhosting Provider
  • Go to your MySQL and login to your phpMyAdmin
  • Click on the SQL tab
  • In the text box : Run SQL query/queries on database, enter the following query:
SELECT * FROM `wp_options` WHERE `option_name` = “active_plugins”
  • Click on GO
  • You will see it return one line that looks like the screenshot above.
  • Note: if it does not return anything, check your table name it will be a name that ends in the word ‘options’

2.  Remove / Deactivate All Active Plugins

WordPress- Remove / Deactivate all Active  Plugins
WordPress- Remove / Deactivate all Active Plugins
  • From step 1, click on the pencil to edit Active_Plugins
  • In the option_value, delete everything.  Should be an empty text box.
  • Click on ‘Go’
3.  Reactivate Plugins Individually Until Find an Error
Wordpress All Plugins are Deactivated
Wordpress All Plugins are Deactivated
  • Login to your WordPress Admin Panel
  • Click on ‘Plugins’
  • You will see all your plugins deactivated.
  • Go through each plugin one by one and activate it again.
  • I had an error with my plugin “Awesome Google Adsense’ plugin

4.  Deleted the Plugin that had an Error

  • If you get a screen full of errors, again, do not panic.
  • Repeat step 1 and step 2
  • Login to your WordPress Admin, click on “Plugins’
  • Find the Plugin and Delete it.

5.  Re-configure other Plugins

  • After you finish reactivating rest of your plugins
  • Check your site to see if any of the settings changed with you reactivated the plugin
  • Some plugins that I need to re-configure was:
    • Customized Recent Comments
    • Google Adsense

2 thoughts on “Blank screen after Login to WordPress Admin

  1. The query in step 1 didn’t work for me. I found the active plugins looking in the options table manually.
    But step 2 worked and I was able to remove the conflict from my site and able to login.

    thanks for the tip!

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