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Cost to Create a Website like AutoTrader with Auto Pros WordPress

AutoTrader CloneAuto Pros by FrogsThemes

You can create your own Autotrader or car dealership website yourself with Wordpress.  Auto Pros is a premium Wordpress Theme designed to maximize customer responses, showcase your vehicles, display photos videos of cars, display car details, allow customers to easily search for cars and more.  There are tons of features in the Auto Pros Wordpress theme.  Creating your own Car dealership website will cost you less than $200.  See the cost breakdown below.  Click here to see more features of Auto Pros.

Auto Pros WordPress Theme
Auto Pros AutoTrader Theme
Features of Auto Pros Wordpress Theme:

  • Car Details page
  • Front page image scroller
  • Call to action buttons for car inquiries
  • Bulk Listings Upload Feature
  • Fully Customizable Front Page
  • Car Image Galleries
  • Video Gallery for Each Vehicle
  • Customer Enquiry Form
  • Car Showroom Car listing page
  • Automatic Image Resizing
  • Advanced car search options
  • Social Network Integrated
  • Custom Shortcodes
  • Google Maps Integrated
Click here to see more features of Auto Pros

Click here to demo Auto Pros

Click here to download Auto Pros

Cost to Create Car Dealership Site with Auto Pros WordPress

Auto Pros - Car Listing Page
Auto Pros - Car Listing Page

1.  $56 for Webhosting.  You need a domain name to have a website online.  That’s why I recommend gives you a free domain name, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited emails, unlimited disk space, unlimited MySQL databases and more.  Right now has a 40% off sale.  I would take advantage of this sale now.

2.  $0 for WordPress.  Wordpress is completely free and offers free one click installs to help you install WordPress.  You will have WordPress installed in minutes.  You can also visit to learn more about WordPress.

3.  $99 for Wordpress Theme.  This is a one time fee to purchase Auto Pros Wordpress Theme.  There are no hidden fees, subscription fees, or membership fees.  After you purchase the theme it totally belongs to you.   FrogsThemes also gives you theme support access, and theme updates.

Auto Pros Car Showroom Car Listing Page
Auto Pros Car Showroom Car Listing Page

4.  -$150 in Advertising Credits.  Fatcow understands that starting a new business is difficult and that’s why Fatcow gives you free advertising credits to advertise your website on respective search engines and social networking platform.  This includes $75 in Google Adword credits, $50 in Facebook Ad credits and $25 in Yahoo/Bing Adcenter credits.

Total cost to create your New & Used Car Dealership website will be:

  • Total Cost = Webhosting + WordPress + WordPress Theme = $155

But if you factor in the free Advertising credits from, your startup cost will be:

  • Startup Cost = Total Cost + Advertising Credits = $5

So basically it will cost you only $5 to build up an Autotrader website.  This is a fantastic deal.  You do not need to have any website programming knowledge.  You can have your Car dealership website up in a day.  Auto Pros WordPress theme is packed full of features and I think is a great way to get your car dealership business started.

Click here to demo Auto Pros

Click here to download Auto Pros

Click here for more information about Fatcow Webhosting Provider



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  1. I am interested in building my website with auto pro, could you look at my site and advise, is autopro good for seo etc, what would your charge be to do it

  2. hi i am interested in using your program to build a new site, could you look at it please and advise me, what would be the cost if you did it for me, all i want to do is duplicate my site in auto pro

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