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How to Create a Responsive Wedding Website with WordPress – Just Married

wedding Invitation Website – Just Married by Themefuse

Just Married is a perfect Wordpress Theme to create a flexible, professional, and elegant wedding Website for your wedding.  Most Wordpress Themes for weddings are not that appealing to me.  I found ‘Just Married’ WordPress Theme easy to use, navigate, modern, ability to accept RSVP’s, ability to list Registry stores, use google map to show directions to the Wedding, show a gallery, beautiful full page image, width of the website adjust immediately for smartphones and tablets, and more.  You should definitely click here to see more features of ‘Just Married’.

Responsive Wedding Website – Just Married

Responsive Wedding Website Invitation - Just Married
Responsive Wedding Website Invitation – Just Married

Just Married Wordpress Theme RVSP Module

Responsive Wedding Website Invitation Just Married RSVP Module
Responsive Wedding Website Invitation Just Married RSVP Module
 Create a WordPress Website Like:

  • Wedding Website
  • Wedding Invitation Website
  • Wedding Notification Website
  • Baby Notification Website
  • Event Invitation Website
  • Birthday Party Invitation Website

Click here to demo Just Married

Click here to download Just Married

Click here to see more features of Just Married


  • Responsive Design
  • Inivitation RSVP module
  • Unlimited Galleries
  • Customizable Full image background
  • Social Media Integrated – Twitter, Facebook
  • 4 Different Color Schemes – Beige/Turquoise, Blue/Pink, Green/Red, Purple/Orange
  • Customizable backgrounds – change to images, patterns or colors  ( I love this theme so far!)
  • Unlimited pages – describe how you met, the wedding party, About the Groomsmen, About the Bridesmaids, contact page
  • List out hotel options and prices
  • Directions to the wedding reception and dinner
  • List links to your Wedding registry
  • One click auto install – VERY easy to setup your wedding website
  • Jquery Image Lightbox
  • Feedburner Ready
  • Auto Image Resizing
  • Cross Browser Compatible
  • Jquery Image / Video Lightbox
  • Font-face custom font
  • Powerful Admin Options
  • Tons of Theme Documentation and Support
  • SEO optimized

I definitely recommend using ‘Just Married’ Wordpress Theme to create your own wedding website.  It’s a fully responsive layout that adjusts website content to the viewing screen.  So your website will be perfect for iPhones, iPads, Smartphones and Tablets.  The RSVP module, professional pages about the wedding party and easy to navigate menus out ranks other Wedding Invitation Wordpress Themes out there.  This is by far the best one I’ve seen so far.    Click here and play around with ‘Just Married’ Wordpress Theme now.

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Click here to demo Just Married

Click here to download Just Married

Click here to see more features of Just Married



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