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Responsive Newspaper WordPress Theme – NewsPlace

Newsplace is a responsive and content rich Wordpress Theme by Shape5.  Wordpress and Wordpress Themes are a great way to create your newspaper website because no programming knowledge is required.  All you need to do is upload and activate the theme and you will have the framework of your newspaper site up and running.  All you have to do is add content.  Best features of this theme include breaking News scrolling and scrolling featured images on the frontpage.  A clean, simple layout gives focus to your content and images.  Another great feature about Shape5 News Themes is that there are 96 core template positions so you can place widgets anywhere you want on your News site.

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Demo Newsplace WordPress Theme | Download Newsplace WordPress Theme

Responsive Newspaper Wordpress Theme – Newsplace

Newspaper WordPress Theme - Newsplace

Newspaper Wordpress Theme – Newsplace

Newsplace is a fully responsive design.  It’s perfect for your visitors who read your newspaper with their iPhone or tablet. Some other features of Newsplace include S5 flex menu, custom background images, weather widget, display top stories, recent news, scrolling tab articles, photo gallery, display feature articles from different categories, and more.  You can check out the demo to test out the responsive feature.  The menu, content, pictures, photo galleries, banners and more will dynamically wrap to fit the window so it does not compromise font size.  Other features are listed below:


  • Responsive design – Automatically adjust in all screen resolution
  • Best suited for for online news portal, newspaper sites and community Magazine
  • 96 collapsible core template placement area
  • Build with powerful S5 vertex framework
  • Customize theme width – Set Fluid or fixed width
  • S5 flex menu – Stylish drop down effect
  • Social media sharing integration – Like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc
  • Table-less CSS and with HTML5 and CSS3 with browser specific calls
  • Translation ready – Use .Po and .mo file to localize entire web content
  • 3 custom module suffix
  • Breaking news ticker – Display latest news and updates
  • Add your own logo image
  • RTL languages supported (Ideal for Arabic & Urdu language)
  • Whether widget support – Show last 3 days whether details
  • Fully Search Engine Optimized theme design
  • Option to customize theme color and background image
  • Typography customization – Use Google Font Library
  • Tooltips, lazy load and multibox enabled
  • Equalizer script included
  • Photoshop PSD files – Customize layout on your own way
  • Cross browser tested – Works fine for Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, Opera and IE7+
  • All Shape5 themes supports WordPress 3.9+ above version

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Demo Newsplace WordPress Theme | Download Newsplace WordPress Theme




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