Premium WordPress Theme Providers

There are many WordPress Theme Providers, but which ones are reliable and give you the best WordPress Themes.  Which WordPress template providers also offer free themes and which ones have paid themes to download.  Which WordPress Theme providers have Theme club membership where you can download all WordPress theme for one price.  I’ve compiled a list below of all the Premium WordPress Theme and Template providers to hopefully help you search for your perfect Theme for your website.


Templatic WordPress LogoTemplatic has over 70 WordPress Themes available to download with a new theme released every month.  The great thing about Templatic is that you can test drive the templates admin control panel as well.  They have a great support structure.  Templatic also offers a membership to download all the WordPress themes for a fee.   Free themes are also available.  Click here to visit

Themes include: News, Magazine, Ecommerce, Knowledge Base, Question & Answer, GeoPlaces, Hotel, book club, Blog, Daily Deals, Photography, Restaurant, Real Estate, Classified ads, Wedding, Business


WooThemes LogoWooThemes has over 100 WordPress Themes available.  They release 2 themes per month and each theme includes detailed theme documentation with professional video, tutorials, and online support.  If you purchase a single theme you get 3 bonus themes free.   WooThemes also offers a club membership where you pay one fee to access all themes.   Free themes are also available.  Click here to visit

Themes include: News, Ticket Tracking, Magazine, Portfolio, Business, Book Club, Blog, GeoTagging, Defect/Bugs Tracking




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