WordPress Error – Critical Error On Your Website, Not able to Create a New Post


Critical Error on Website - WordPress

After a long hiatus from my site updates, maybe over a year now lol, I wanted to start posting again.  To my surprise one of my Wordpress sites wouldn’t allow me to post new articles.  I didn’t know what was wrong and stupid me I deleted my site.  It’s fair enough to say that I really wanted to start over again and that’s why I did it.  I had no traffic to it.  But when I started working on my other established Wordpress site I was experiencing the same problem when trying to create a new post.  I couldn’t delete that one so I figured I had to find out what the problem was and fix it.  The WordPress error I was getting was:

There has been a critical error on your website.  Please check your site admin email for instructions.

Needless to say, I checked my admin email and there were no instructions.  I clicked on the ‘Learn more about debugging in WordPress’, which led me to a page where I had to dust off my unix skills.   But before you start turning on debugging etc, which is sort of complicated for beginners, the first step I wish I had done was just disable all my plugins.  The plugins in the end were the culprit of this error.  So first step to do is deactivate all your WordPress plugins and see if you can edit your post.   If you can, then there is a plugin in your midst that is not allowing you to create a post and giving you this error.  So steps

  1. Deactivate all your WordPress plugins
  2. Try to create a post, if successful continue to 3
  3. Reactivate one plugin
  4. Repeat step 2
  5. Repeat step 3
  6. Repeat the above steps until you get the error
  7. That means that plugin is causing the problem
  8. Deactivate/Delete that plugin
  9. You can then contact that plugin’s owner to report an issue

For me the plugin that was causing the problem for me was surprisingly the YOAST SEO plugin.  I was reading reviews that 14.8 is the most stable version but I’m not able to find the version and only the newest version is available for download.  So I had no choice but to leave YOAST SEO disabled and add a different SEO plugin.  The problem for me is now gone and can create new posts again.

Hope that helps everyone


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