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I’m not too sure how you feel, but I find that the Wordpress revision feature kind of useless.  Sometimes when I’m editing a past post that I’ve written, it displays a message that there is an earlier version of this post and if I want to view it.  I usually ignore it because whatever I’ve written and read in the current post is usually what I want to keep.   To get rid of the message I just make any small change in my Wordpress post and click on “Update” and the message disappears.  It only makes me wonder how many post revisions I have sitting in my WordPress backend.    Since I’ve been adding more posts and I constantly make changes to my posts, I must have a huge pileup of past revisions sitting around and slowing down the website.    So I decided to address this problem and find a WordPress plugin to find all my post revisions and delete them.

Post Revisions is a feature introduced in WordPress 2.6. Whenever you or WordPress saves a post or a page, a revision is automatically created and stored in your WordPress database.  Each time the post or page is saved, WordPress will automatically save a backup of your post.  This will slowly increase the size of your database.  If you save a post or page multiple times, your number of revisions will greatly increase overtime. For example, if you have 100 posts and each post has 10 revisions you could be storing up to 1,000 copies of older data.

So I found this plugin – “Better Delete Revision”.  I installed it and using it right now.  It will list all the revisions you have currently saved in your WordPress website.   You have the option to “Delete all revisions” or keep them.  I decided to delete them all.  My site is perfectly fine, my original posts did not get deleted.   After deleting all the revisions it said:

You have 194 posts.
Since you started using Better Delete Revision, 1253 redundant post revisions have been removed!

This is a great plugin and highly recommended to make sure your WordPress website is clean and optimized.  You can find this plugin in the WordPress.org extend plugin directory.

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